I have been living in New York City since 1969 as an artist.  I consider myself a New Yorker: a man with a free spirit.

Please read below how I have lived and worked as an artist and devoted my life to art 24/7 for more than four decades.

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“Naked New Yorkers” Videos:







“River and Biota”

Naomi Teppich, Curator    Majorie Morrow, Creative Resource

Catskill Art Society :  October 11- November 16, 2014

Freyberger Gallery, Penn State Berks :  September 10 – October 22, 2015

Front cover of the catalogue:


I was born in 1943. My first childhood memory was when I was 3~4 years old and was drawing some figures.  I continued painting through my youth where I got basic training as an artist. I encountered Cezanne when I was 13 years old. On my own, I studied his techniques and philosophy. Next, I encountered Picasso, and then Rembrandt, and many others.  I learned, art is an invention or discovery. It is not enough to copy, make a slight change or a variation of already existing artwork. An artist must strive for making a ground breaking original invention. I believe my artworks have met this level.


In 1969, I came to New York City to live and to be an artist.  I started to exhibit my works, “Moving Rock” “Moving Cube” and large paintings at OK Harris gallery in 1977 and continued to have several solo exhibitions there over the years.  At that time, OK Harris was in its prime and was showing such artists as Duane Hanson, Ralf Goings, Richard Maclean and my good friend, John Kacere.  They were all inventive, diligent and devoted artists.  The owner, Ivan Karp was young and sharp and energetic.

I met an art critic Sam Hunter who helped me have an exhibition at World Trade Center in 1983.

I also met Tracy Atkinson; director of Wadsworth Atheneum Museum who bought my “Moving Rock” for their collection. 

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has one of my drawings in their collection.

I also had a solo exhibition at the CUNY gallery where Ray Ring , the director, wrote the foreword for the catalogue of one of my solo exhibitions at OK Harris.

Rand Castile, Director of Japan society gallery wrote the foreword of the exhibition at their gallery.

David Bermant, Peggy Danziger, Noah Liff and other collectors added my works to their collections.   


I still paint every day for 8-10 hours.  Some paintings take decades to be completed. I don’t care how long it takes.

I have tried to paint the natural facts that make up this world. Some times I wake up in the dark at 4:30 AM and start to take photos of nature.  I have hundreds of thousands of photos.  I use them in my paintings.

I have painted vast landscapes and the details of its elements. I’m also interested in human beings in most their basic state.  Many of my friends offered to pose nude for me. They understand the meaning of “naked truth”.  In New York, there are so many kinds of people, all races, all ages, all genders. Each one has his/her unique body- which he/ she must live until the end of their life.  No complaint or wish can change it to another body.  I think the 3-dimensional shapes of all bodies are all magnificent. 


You can see the detail of my paintings in BLOG page.